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We are MISRIA, For drinking water quality testing &waste water...

We Can Save The World.

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BOD System Sensor 6

The BOD sensor is innovative, mercury-free and extremely reliable solution for BOD analysis (Biochemical Oxygen Demand). Easy to handle, quick and easy to read. A microprocessor-controlled pressure transducer transfers the BOD value directly to the display: results are displayed directly in mg/l with no need for further calculation. Manufactured with premium materials, it automatically stores 5 BOD measurements at 24-hour intervals meaning that analysis can continue over the weekend. The BOD value can also be obtained directly from the display at any time, even after five days.

SMART 3 Colorimeter

The user-friendly SMART3 Colorimeter is the ideal direct reading colorimeter for complete on-site water analyses. The compact SMART3 Colorimeter is ideal for water analysis in the field or in the lab. Easy to use software allows the analyst to choose a test factor from over 80 pre-programmed calibrations for LaMotte reagent system

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Water and Wastewater, Industrial Water Boiling and Cooling, Drinking Water

A spectrophotometer that is easy to use and more accurate than anything in its price range. With automatic wavelength selection, pre-programmed tests, and superior performance—this is the best spectrophotometer for the money! Over 80 pre-programmed calibration for LaMotte Reagent Systems, and 25 user calibrations can be entered into the memory. The user can also customize sequences for frequently run tests. The SMART® Spectro spectrophotometer is supplied with 6 sample tubes (25mm round), 2 sample cell holders (25mm round and COD, 10 mm cuvettes), AC adapter, battery charger, instruction manual including test procedures, and quick start guides.

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